A VOTRE GUISE Fez, Morocco
It is not the road ahead that wears you out – It is the grain of sand in your shoe.
Arabian proverb (via travel-quotes)

كن كالنخيل عن الأحقاد مرتفعا
بالطوب يرمى ويرمي أطيب الثمر

Be like the palm trees,
High above grudges,
When thrown with stones,
it throws the best of fruit in return.

الشاعر علي بن الجهم

Ali Ibn Al-Jahm

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Oudaden Group

A great musical group playing the traditional music of Southern Morocco.  

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Skilo = a “nuss” (half) kilo
Moroccan colloquial 
It’s no use to pray for something to be fixed. Pray for a visitor to come, then you really see renovation!
Moroccan Proverb

El Harti, Geuliz, Marrakech


Magical Morocco <3

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Make voyages! Attempt them… there’s nothing else.
Tennessee Williams (via travel-quotes)
The Intrepid Travels of a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar